This 29-year-old became a millionaire entrepreneur in 15 months – with a simple strategy

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She did an ordinary office job. Then Caitlin Pyle decided to start her own business.

Within just 15 months, she built a company that makes more than $ 1 million in sales annually, reports the business magazine ” Forbes .” An enormous success, which the founder mainly traces back to a method.

As the 29-year-old explains, she ran intensive advertising for her company on the platform Pinterest . The social network, where users can view and distribute pictures and videos on virtual bulletin boards, has 150 million active users each month – many potential corporate customers.

This potential Pyle used. “People go to Pinterest to change their lives. If your product can change your life, you should promote it to Pinterest. ”

Such as Pyle’s development: With ” Proofreadanywhere ” she offers online courses that help amateur editors to train as professional lecturers within a year. The graduates can then become independent as a lecturer. About Pinterest Pyles company reached so many prospects that it grew rapidly in a short time.

Here are Pyle’s tips to reach as many people as possible on Pinterest.

1. Pay attention to the aesthetics

The user at Pinterest scrolls very fast through the pin boards. It must stand out so that it gets stuck with a picture. Therefore, Pyle advises to pay special attention to the design. The photos should be well lit and in strong colors, as well as have a high resolution.

In general, less is more. Use as few design elements and words as necessary. The more aesthetic the photo, the more clicks.


2. Post frequently

Pyle advises to post up to five times a day. Best when users are most active: between 2pm and 4pm and 8pm and 1am. If you want to save work, you can use software to automatically post images.

3. Stay tuned

Especially at the beginning it is difficult to win followers. Hardest is to come from zero to 1000 users, according to Pyle. After that people take an account seriously and are more willing to follow it.

How to gain users, especially at the beginning: ask questions and stimulate discussions, interact with the fan community, as well as follow other users and like their pictures.

There are also pin boards on certain topics at Pinterest. Pyle recommends that you join those who are in your own niche and publish the posts there.

With Pyle’s advice and dedication, Pinterest is the ideal tool for companies to increase awareness.

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