Blue check mark planned for all users

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has announced that proof of identity could soon be available to all users.

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San Francisco  – The short message service twitter could soon open its verification process to all users to clarify their identity.

The CEO Jack Dorsey announces that the company will find a way to make the verification process accessible to all users. This gives twitter words at least felt more weight.

Promote credibility

In 2009, they introduced the blue checkmark to mark verified users. Initially, the symbol was given mainly to celebrities, athletes and public figures to weaken impersonators on the platform. Then the badge was also awarded to journalists and other users.

To get such a checkmark, users have so far had to give a plausible reason why they need it for their twitter activities. By now planning to make the review available to all users, the company said it wanted to emphasize its credentials. “Users see the checkmark as a symbol of credibility, so twitter stands behind that person and what they say is great and authentic. It was not planned that way, “says David Gasca of Twitter to The Verge .

Inaccurate plans for implementation

So far, twitter has not published any details about how the extended review process could work. However, in a livestream, Jack Dorsey stated that his company  “wants to be one of the most trusted services in the world” and that much work still needs to be done to get there. According to Dorsey, the current focus would be on verifying accounts for candidates in elections.

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