best ways to organize your food in the refrigerator

best ways to organize your food in the refrigerator

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   if you’re storing things in the wrong place in your refrigerator , you’re not taking advantage of the modern miracle of refrigeration. And that leads to loss of food, loss of money, and less desire to cook at home.


the Right Way to Use Your Refrigerator

    Freezer :









Freezers are for storing frozen things. , as do frozen fruits, veggies, meat, stock, and other items. You can also store a surprising number of other foods in the freezer for later use, such as tortillas, pasta sauce, and even eggs. (Note: You can freeze bread for up to three months, but don’t store it in the fridge or it’ll dry out.) The trick with freezers is to pack foods tightly in their containers and keep things well organized, since this optimizes storage and also saves energy . Rather than using glass jars, which can break, freeze foods in stackable plastic containers or in plastic freezer bags laid flat.









    Butter and soft cheeses don’t need to be super cold, so they can live in the dairy compartment on the door (the warmest part of the fridge). Place soft cheeses, like Brie and goat cheese, in an air-tight container after opening them.

   Condiments are generally high in vinegar and salt, which are natural preservatives. So ketchup, mayonnaise, and salad dressing are fine on the door.

    Orange juice can be stored on the bottom  of the door, if it’s pasteurized.










meat  Some refrigerators have a meat drawer below the crisper drawers, but if yours doesn’t and you prefer to keep your produce at eye-level in the fridge, consider reserving one drawer for raw meat. Because it’s on the bottom of the fridge, it will prevent any accidental drips from contaminating the rest of your fridge.

 Use bins in your drawers for items that don’t need bags (Fruit,Vegetables…)

 bottles of wine often fit in deli drawers




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