A simple trick that will help you make the right decision

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Making a  decision is exhausting. It takes energy and considerations. This goes from food to the choice of clothes to really important questions such as a job change or the end of a partnership.

While some decisions fall with ease, we are in our lives again and again before the really important dichotomy. And then each time we ask ourselves the same question: How do I make the right decision?

You can think more rationally with this simple trick

Have you ever noticed that it is much easier for us to give advice to our friends than to make our own decisions? There we see the big picture, from a completely rational point of view. We see the advantages and the disadvantages without being led astray by our feelings.

That’s exactly where we have to start, says behavioral psychologist Dan Ariely. His advice to make good decisions is basically pretty simple. All you need is a bit of imagination.

“When you think about your own life, you are trapped in your own perspective and emotions,” explains Ariely in a  video on the online Big Think portal .

“But if you advise someone else, you are suddenly no longer trapped in this emotional complex and can give advice that is more forward-looking.”

This goes in several directions. For example, you could ask an outside person for advice. But you could also ask yourself the following question: “If it was about someone else now. Someone I love, someone who is important to me. What advice would I give this person? ”

And you will probably notice that you would advise this person to do something other than you would in the situation yourself. And you should probably listen to that.

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